Merry ‘Early’ Christmas!

Go get it! “A Dance in December” is available now! 🙂

I’m offering a special promotion!

If you buy, “A Dance in December” you can get my first book, “You Better Not Pout” for FREE!!!

“A Dance in December” is for young adults

“You Better Not Pout” is for those who want something a little steamier for the holiday season! 😉 18+ OVER


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Sneak peek at cover!

Thank you all for subscribing to my website! If you take a look at my page, you’ll notice that in SEVEN days my new young adult short story, “A Dance in December” will be available for purchase! It will be available via e-book and print.

I’m only giving those subscribed to this website a glance at the cover! Drum roll please……

Here it is… “A Dance in December…”


Get your copy December 23, 2016! 🙂

All credit to the cover goes to graphic designer, Bret Haines. Visit his website at!