About Me!


Monique grew up in the Bluegrass state, (that’s Kentucky, for those who don’t know) and currently resides in Music City (That’s Nashville, in case you were wondering).


She works full-time as a professional editor and moonlights as a writer. She also has four short stories self-published and a newly released novel. You should visit the link entitled, “BOOKS” and go check those out… seriously you totally should… GO!


Reviews from Monique’s latest book, “Preyed Upon

“The author does an extraordinary job being raw on the page. The prologue alone packs a guttural punch…it took me a second to get through it. I had to place my phone down a couple of times and re-regulate myself because I FELT for Dani.”

“I remember being a child and reading Maya Angelo for class, how as I read, a sickly flame burned my stomach and filled my lungs with smoke. I had the same feeling, again, reading this text. Gooch is a talented writer, one that has the capacity to bend the boundless concepts of hope and despair into words we mortals can understand.”

“This work is one of absolutely masterful storytelling that draws you in the first second you pick up this book.”

Preyed Upon is also a Book Fest award winner for the fall of 2022
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