Ten-Minute Play

Hello hello all!

I have been hard at work! I recently completed my FIRST One Act, Ten-Minute Play entitled, “ROOMMATES”.

If you’ve ever lived with a roommate(s), you may relate to this piece.

Here’s the log line:

Roommates. Can’t live with them—-can definitely live without them! Tara is tired of her roommate, Jazz, bursting in on her during inopportune times: while she is studying, watching television, or simply wants peace and quiet. Well, two can play that game. Payback is sweet! And so is Tara… well, maybe not so much on this particular night.

Be on the lookout for this ten-minute play! I’m definitely going to try to get this performed! I’d like to see this on stage myself.

I’ve never seen my work on stage before so it will be quite an experience.

New Projects!


“I really can’t stay…, but baby it’s cold outside…”  – Dinah Shore and Buddy Clark (One of my FAVORITE Christmas songs!)

I hope you’re staying nice and warm! Where I am, it was a total blizzard this morning! We southerners are not equip for this type of weather! LOL! Burrrrr!!!

I wanted to give you all a quick update. “A Dance in December” did exceptionally well! Thank you to everyone who bought a copy! I appreciate your love and support!

I currently have two NEW works in progress, yet revisiting one old project. The latest piece is a novella, and the other is a screenplay. I’m tackling the screenplay firsauthort for a contest. This will be my first one–wish me luck! The old project I’m revisiting is a full manuscript, a little over 64,000 words and it is an adult novel. I’m attempting to get enough moola together and get the whole thing edited by an editor I REALLY like! 🙂 This manuscript has been complete for two years. I would really LOVE it if I could get this out of my hands and into the lap of an agent! The title is, “Truthful Lies”. I may give you a sneak peek on here… STAY TUNED!

Lots of plates spinning in 2017!

Be on the lookout–there’s more to come! I promise!