Merry ‘Early’ Christmas!

Go get it! “A Dance in December” is available now! 🙂

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If you buy, “A Dance in December” you can get my first book, “You Better Not Pout” for FREE!!!

“A Dance in December” is for young adults

“You Better Not Pout” is for those who want something a little steamier for the holiday season! 😉 18+ OVER


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New Book Release

My new short story, “A Slow Dance for Christmas” will be released on December 23, 2016. It is a young adult short story, and follows 12-year-old Samira at her Winter Wonderland Dance. All this stylish, yet bashful tween wants this holiday season is one slow dance. Just one. And hopefully, with the boy of her dreams. Carter Ward. But he doesn’t even know she exists! Or does he? With the help of her beloved, and sometimes annoying best friend, Nakia, Samira may get more than just a dance for Christmas…

This book will be available via paperback and e-book.

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