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Evelyn Vanderbilt found something else to make her blood heat this Christmas season besides the eggnog and her annoying little sisters… a model. Evelyn spent her entire life being compared to her younger sisters. Not only did they receive all-star everything growing up, they even got married before she did.

Now at every family function they are eager to rub it in her face. Evelyn would rather curl up with a cup of apple cider and a good book and ignore this holiday season but now her mother has jumped on the husband bandwagon.

While out Christmas shopping she bumps into Brett Mansdell the professional male model. Instead of him being the arrogant playboy, he turns out to be Mr. Nice Guy. Evelyn tells her sisters who she met and they laugh claiming she is lying.

When Brett shows up unexpectedly and takes her out to see the annual Christmas light show leaving her sisters dumbfounded, they have a wonderful time and share a kiss. Brett leaves the next day and Evelyn tells herself it was only one kiss and he’d forget all about her. She can’t decide which will hurt more. Risking her heart to be with someone who takes her breath away or being at more family gatherings where she feels like she’s suffocating.

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