Hey folks! It’s been awhile!

I’ve been busy with my writer’s group in Hermitage, TN called, “Mastering Writing Workshop”. You can find us here: MEETUP¬†. We meet twice a month and I ALWAYS provide my writer’s with information on upcoming contests, agents seeking submissions, new books or helpful blogs that I think will benefit¬†anyone no matter their particular genre. This can be time consuming especially while I’m working on several of my own projects and being a beta-reader for others.

I am also trying to get my credentials in being a more proficient editor. I have the tools and skill set, but I would like some documentation to back that up. An MFA would be nice–fingers crossed–I find out if I got accepted into Vanderbilt in March. If not, I’ll try again soon. I’m also taking some editing courses online–which can be time consuming as well.

I have plans to attend the TN Writing Workshop in the summer, so I am preparing some work to send in–HOORAY!

All in all guys–I have A TON going on–all the while holding down a full-time job!

More to come soon.